our mission

We connect and empower all working women,
who share our vision.

We make ourselves and our concerns visible.

We network nationally and internationally, promote the
Exchange among each other and far beyond the borders
of our club.

We stand up for real and true social
equality in the world we live in.

Mag.a Christa Strobl, CSE

More women than men complete their degrees, and entry into a career is the same for everyone. Let us not let women fall behind during and after the family phase. What can we do? Use opportunities for further training. Be present in the company. Show competencies and achievements. Show yourself as an expert. Accept internal bills if they support the career. Actively engage in salary negotiations.

What brings us further? Exchange ideas with like-minded people and strengthen in networks. A network like ADWN Austrian`s Digital Women Network makes this possible. Due to the different biographies and professional experiences, I always find our meetings and exchanges to be very enriching and inspiring.

Arch. Dipl.-Ing.in Bettina Seeland

As a working woman in a technical sector, I recognized early on during my training that I personally care deeply about contact with other like-minded, working women and the topic of women’s empowerment.

In technical sectors in particular, gender relations are as unbalanced as in few other professional fields, diversity hardly exists on paper. Being the only woman in a large meeting is the norm. Often the only person under 40.

However, by remaining unchanged in the old tradition, this profession resists further development and advancement and holds itself to the many diverse talents that are out there who would like to contribute. It is no longer a secret that mixed teams are more successful and achieve better results, that people of different backgrounds, be it age, gender or origin, inspire and learn from each other.

At this point, as a member of ADNW, I would like to contribute to encouraging women in particular to network, to support each other, to have more confidence and in this way help to change our society for the better.

And then maybe one day I’ll look around my meeting and I’ll see all my great colleagues around me.

Catherine Glawischnig, MS

Lots of people have dreams, but it’s usually much harder for women to make them come true. My experiences abroad show me that two things are particularly important:

1) “ Learn to dare in order to achieve ” is the HEC motto and it has become my motto as well. If you want to achieve something as a woman, she simply has to dare. Many women lack the courage and confidence to embrace a career and balance the demands of leadership and personal life.

2) Networking is essential for women. As a woman, you are still mainly a lone fighter. This makes it all the more difficult to assert oneself in a management world that is still dominated by men.