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We are a small association with a large network.

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Why do I become a member

Individual promotion and joint national and international networked action,

– so that the gender pay gap is no longer an issue for our grandchildren.

– so that I am not the only woman in board meetings

so that companies and companies recognize the success advantage of diverse teams

-and much more


Benefits for businesses

Whether in a small company or in a large corporation, mixed teams are more innovative and dynamic but also more crisis-proof. Important factors for operational success.

Our experts can provide your network for customized analysis and planning.

A competent contact for your request can be found in our network.


become a full member

We deliberately stay small and accept new members only after application and recommendation. Members have many benefits of the inner circle.

Internal exchange, coaching for e.g. a salary negotiation or a job interview. We accompany and support each other in our careers. Work-life balance and timemanagement of family, career and self are important personal issues.

National and international networking is the driving force behind making our campaigns public and promoting our concerns together.

If you want to become part of our network, then contact us for an initial conversation or visit us at one of our events!


Associate Member

We look forward to the support of our concerns and the participants of our events.

The contribution of an ao member is only used for the corresponding action.

Membership ends at the end of the promotion, or at the latest at the end of the calendar year.


partner clubs

ADWN is a member of the Austrian Women’s Ring

SDG Watch Austria

If your club is interested in a partnership, please contact us